Your brakes are essential parts of your car because they help you stay safe when you’re on the road. So if you want to keep danger at bay, you need to regularly check how well your brakes are operating. 

Generally, brake pads need to be replaced after they run a course of 50,000 miles. However, not all cars are the same. Yours could already be showing signs of trouble, indicating that you need a new set of brake pads. 

Some clear signs that you need to replace these parts include:

There Are Squealing, or Squeaking Sounds Are Coming From the Brakes

One of the signs that your brake pads need to be replaced is if you keep hearing a squealing or squeaking sound coming from them. Squeaking sounds can be expected depending on the weather, usually during the rainy season. However, if the sounds persist even if it’s warm and dry outside, there could be a problem with your brake pads. If that is the case, you need to take your car to a professional and get it inspected.

The Indicator Light Is On

Another indicator that your brake pads need to be replaced is if the indicator light turns on. Some car models have a sensor on their brake pad triggered when these components have become worn down. 

By the time your brake light turns on, this is a sign that you need to bring your car to a specialist. After all, your brake pads need to be examined by a professional who can recommend if you should replace them.

You Can Hear a Deep Grinding Metal Sound

As soon as you hear a deep grinding metal sound in your car, you need to be concerned. After all, it could be an indicator that your brake pads need to be replaced. Some brake pads have small metal ridges at the bottom, designed to make a loud noise and give the driver a sign that they need to be replaced. So as soon as you hear that sound, take your car to an auto shop immediately. Otherwise, the metal ridges could eventually collide with other metal parts of your tires, causing more damage in the process.

The Brake Pedal Is Vibrating

If the brake pedal is vibrating, it’s time to get it replaced. If the pedal feels unsteady when you press down on it, it could be an indicator that your brake pads are already worn out. It is not normal for a brake pedal to vibrate. If you want to prevent any further damage to your car, you need to get your vehicle inspected.

The Brake Pad Is As Thin As a Quarter Inch

Sometimes, you can tell if your brake pads need to be replaced just by looking at them. You can locate the brake pad by checking between the spokes on your wheels. If the pad is thin and looks less than a quarter-inch thick, then you should take it as a clear indicator that it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.


It is essential to keep your car in good condition, and this includes replacing brake pads when they are showing signs of disrepair and distress. If you are looking for a mechanic in Hoover, AL, who can help you, we have you covered.

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