The exhaust system of a vehicle is very important. It manages the emissions of the car, regulates its engine from overheating, and ensures the safety of the passengers. Additionally, without the exhaust system, a car would emit more pollutants into the atmosphere.

It is crucial that the exhaust system of a car must remain functional all the time. If ever there is an occurrence of the exhaust system breaking, you must immediately get it repaired. Otherwise, it could become dangerous for you to keep driving your car.

Signs to Look Out For

Some people may not be aware that their exhaust system is broken. If you are unsure, look out for the following signs:

1. “Check Engine” Light Is On

This is the most basic way to identify that something is possibly wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust system. While there may just be instances of loose wires and caps, it could be more than that. The moment that it keeps turning on, it is ideal to take it straight to a mechanic or a car repair service and have it checked.

If one ignores this light and tries to fix their car themselves, it could result in further issues. It is better to leave the fixing to the professionals and do your part through maintenance.

2. An Odd Smell in Your Vehicle

Odd smells are never good, to begin with, and should immediately be checked. It is a major sign that something’s wrong with your exhaust system.

As mentioned above, the exhaust system helps regulate the emissions and ventilation of the car. An odd smell may indicate that there is a leak of some sort.

If you smell something bad in your vehicle, it may be ideal to pull over and get out immediately. You must then call for help and get it checked to ensure your safety.

3. Inefficiency of Fuel

If you are noticing that your car is consuming more fuel than usual, this is a sign to get it checked. This can either mean a leak or a broken oxygen sensor. When left unchecked, this could eventually make your vehicle go slower. 

4. Noises from Your Vehicle

Your vehicle producing different kinds of noise could mean a good number of things. One of the common issues causing this is a problem with your exhaust system. Most likely, there could be a leak in the muffler.

What to Do With a Broken Exhaust System

Unless you are a car expert, avoid fixing your car yourself. It is better to work with professionals and businesses that offer car repair services. Once you suspect an issue with your car, get it checked immediately.

Additionally, it is more important that you not only get your car checked when there seems to be an issue. Bringing your car in for regular maintenance would be better. This way, issues can be foreseen and fixed before they get worse.


As mentioned above, if your car smells, is making noises, or consuming more fuel, it could mean something is wrong with your exhaust system. Also, if there is just something odd about your car, it is better to get it checked. Car issues could become a danger to you and those who ride in your car with you.

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