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Me or a Hoover Automotive Mechanic?

You might be wondering if there are certain repairs and replacements you can do yourself or if you need us to do it. Here’s a quick list that may help.

A headlight or tail light bulb replacement

Can you do it yourself? Yes. Should you? No. Mainly because we’ll be able to tell if it’s simply a burnt out bulb or a more important blown fuse. If you replace it yourself and it ends up being a fuse issue, your bulb will just go out again in a few days or weeks and you won’t know to check since you recently changed it. Also, if you’ve changed a headlight recently, you’ll know how difficult it can be to access it safely. Just let us handle it for you.

Brake pads replacement at Hoover Automotive

Replacing brake pads is something that some choose to do at home on their own. That’s fine, but it would make us more comfortable driving around town knowing that all the drivers had professional, trained mechanics replace the brake pads. Slightly kidding about that, but do keep in mind that working on your own brakes will require special equipment and you’ll need how to do it. Our mechanics already have the right tools and equipment and know how to change the brake pads safely and efficiently.

Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement at Hoover Automotive

This is definitely something that can be done at home on your own. You’ll have to find the wiper blades that match your car’s make and model, then follow the instructions. It shouldn’t be too difficult of a process. Keep in mind that windshield wiper blades need to be replaced yearly. If you forget, it’ll be pretty obvious when it’s time, since they may not work as effectively or may create that horrible dragging sound along your windshield without wiping away the rain.

Oil Changes at Hoover Automotive

Yes, you can definitely check and change your own oil. Once you find out what kind of oil your specific vehicle needs, you’ll need to buy some, then rid your vehicle of the current oil and refill the reservoir. It could potentially save you money upfront, but when we do an oil change, we include a free courtesy inspection where we top off your vehicle fluids, check the air pressure in your tires and perform inspections on all fluid levels and critical engine systems. So the question is, what might you miss by doing it yourself? We might catch another issue early or top off fluids that were dangerously low. In the end, it’s up to you, but there are definite benefits to an oil change at Hoover Automotive.

Spark Plugs at Hoover Automotive

A spark plug delivers electric current to the combustion chamber from the ignition system. Spark plugs can cause ignition problems if they haven’t been changed for a long time. We can check and replace your spark plugs.

Your vehicle’s engine is a complicated and intricate machine that can seem overwhelming to the average person. That’s what we’re here for. Our mechanics are kind of obsessed with all things automotive, especially engines. For us, there are few things as intriguing. We can’t wait to get under the hood of your car or truck and solve whatever is ailing your engine. If you’re hearing an odd noise or notice a difference while driving, go ahead and give us a call for any of your engine repair needs in Hoover, AL (and surrounding areas). Even better, come in for regular maintenance to hopefully avoid any sudden issues that may require more extensive repairs or cause you to breakdown on the road.

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