Every responsible vehicle knows that they need to get their car’s motor oil changed when it reaches a certain mileage or when the oil turns a specific shade. However, even if most drivers are vaguely familiar with the need to have motor oil changed, many do not know the rationale of this car maintenance task. 

Dirty oil or going too long without an oil change may cause a plethora of different problems with your vehicle. Why is this so? This blog post will answer this question and help you understand the reason why the quality of your engine’s oil may affect your car’s performance.

How Motor Oil May Affect a Car’s Overall Performance

Just like any well-oiled machine, you need to ensure that your car gets maintenance activities done regularly. The term “well-oiled” is an extremely good description of a car that is in good working order. Periodically changing oil motor oil can highly affect the performance and the way a vehicle runs. 

Motor Oil and your Engine

As you can imagine, the inside of a vehicle has many different pieces and components that move to enable the vehicle to move. All of these metal parts will be scratching and scraping against one another and will get damaged quickly if there is not enough oil to keep them from damaging each other. 

When to Change Your Car’s Motor Oil

Now that you are aware of the extreme importance of regular motor oil changes, the next big question is when should you bring your car in for an oil change? There are two general ways to know if your vehicle is due for an oil change. The first way to know is the mileage. Depending on the type of oil used in your last oil change, you should be able to use your vehicle without problems for five to 10k miles until you are due for another oil change. 

However, what if you don’t get to use your car often and see less than five or 10 miles run over a long period? This brings us to the second method to tell when you will need an oil change. Experts say that you should have your oil changed every six months, regardless of if you reached the mileage limit or not. If you are unsure of this, taking your car in for a check-up is the best way to know if the oil needs to be changed. 


Regularly changing your car’s oil has many different effects and benefits on the overall performance of the vehicle. Reduced deposits, smoother startup, excellent cold weather and extreme temperature protection, and reduced friction are only some of the ways motor oil may have an effect on how your car runs. Your engine will not only run more smoothly but will also last longer without experiencing any problems if you make it a point to change your oil regularly. If you have not had your oil changed in the recent past, it may be high time to have it checked by a professional. On top of this, working with an experienced mechanic will make all the difference in your car’s performance and quality. 

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