You should clean your fuel injectors every 30000 miles. Over-the-counter fuel injector cleaners are available, and they are fine for most people. But having a professional auto technician clean your fuel injectors is best for your engine.  

Professionals can check for cracks and leaks, and remove every bit of built-up gunk. Additionally, they can test your engine’s fuel efficiency and power output.

1) Bumpy Idling

A rough or bumpy idle is a telltale sign that you need to clean your fuel injectors. If you notice a rough idle or feel like your engine is missing on occasion, take your car to a service station right away.

It is possible that your engine is misfiring, and that is caused by a dirty fuel injector. A dirty injector can also cause poor fuel efficiency.

2) Dead Engine

If your car suddenly dies, then it is likely that your engine has flooded. A flooded engine sounds like a raspy, or rattling, sound. If there is a lot of white smoke coming from your tailpipe, you have likely flooded your engine.

You might have accidentally put too much gas in your car. Or, it could be that you need to clean your fuel injectors. A dirty fuel injector will not work properly, and it will flood your engine. If this happens to you, try to start your car again. If it still doesn’t start, wait 15 to 20 minutes, and try to start your car again.

3) Fidgeting RPM Needle

Your engine’s RPM needle will fidget slightly as your car drives down the road. If the needle is bouncing up and down, then your engine is struggling to run correctly.

This is another sign that you need to clean your fuel injectors. Your car might also be a bit sluggish when you look down at your speedometer. A clogged fuel injector can make your engine work harder than normal.

You might also notice a high-pitched noise coming from your engine while you drive. That sound is an alarm telling you that your engine is not running right.

4) Constant Engine Misfires

A misfiring engine is another sign that your fuel injectors are clogged. Engine misfires make your motor sound like it is choking. If it is a heavy misfire, then your dashboard will light up with all kinds of warning lights.

Your car might even gasp when you press the gas pedal all the way down. A clogged injector will not allow your car to get the right amount of fuel. Your car will, therefore, misfire and gasp for air.

5) Lower Gas Mileage

Your fuel injectors are responsible for supplying your engine with the right amount of fuel. If your clogged fuel injectors are not distributing the proper amount of gas, your gas mileage will suffer.

Your gas gauge will also read low. If your fuel injectors are not doing their job, then your car will be less efficient. Your car will try to compensate for your fuel injector’s inefficiency. This will slow your car down dramatically.


If any of these problems happen to you, you will probably need to have your fuel injectors cleaned. Over-the-counter fuel injectors cleaners are usually sufficient. But you will get the best results if you pay for a service station to clean them for you.

You should also check your car’s fuel efficiency. For engine repair in Hoover, AL, Hoover Automotive has you covered. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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