Clean, fresh oil increases the performance of your automobile and extends the life of the engine. Thankfully, changing your car’s oil is usually straightforward and painless when taking your car to a contemporary auto repair shop.

However, many individuals wait until there is a noticeable problem before replenishing their oil. Consequently, this will lead to the destruction of the engine. If the lubricant is dirty, the machine stops being cooled efficiently, and friction is unavoidable.

If you want to better understand the risks of unclean engine oil, continue to read this article to know more.

What Is an Engine Oil and Its Functions?

The engine oil is the fluid used to keep the parts moving smoothly. It is mixed with the fuel and then burned by the engine. When the oil is not entirely burned, some of it is left in which can cause various performance issues.

For this reason, the oil needs to be replaced regularly to ensure your car’s health. Therefore you must know when to change the engine lubricant.

Signs Indicating Problems with the Engine Oil of Your Car

1. Noisy Engine

A noisy engine is one of the first indications that your automobile engine oil has a problem. The harsh sounds are generally caused by uncontrolled friction. 

If this occurs, the oil must be replaced to ensure that the engine functions normally. Additionally, high friction levels create considerable heat, and these warm temperatures cause further damage to the engine.

2. Burning Smell

Your car emits a burning smell when the engine oil has been used, or it has not been replaced, and the fat has degraded. Upon smelling this odor, you should immediately change the engine lubricant to prevent it from deteriorating further.

When your car engine oil is low, it is exposed to dirt and other foreign particles. These particles clump together in the oil, generating sludge. Furthermore, sludge will stick to the cylinder walls and other engine components, reducing engine performance.

3. White Smoke

When you see white smoke coming from your car’s exhaust pipe, this is an indication that something is wrong with your engine oil. This is typically caused by releasing oil vapor that the engine has highly heated. 

Furthermore, it is also a sign that your car engine has worn out. This is due to the excessive friction caused by low oil levels, leading to rising heat that can cause adverse effects on the machine.

4. Changed Oil Texture

When the oil has low levels, the oil becomes darker and thick. Oil with these properties will clog the engine and cause a reductionin in oil pressure. This is why it’s vital to check the consistency of your oil’s thickness to check if you need an immediate replacement.


It is essential to pay attention to other indicators that your engine oil has a problem. Consequently, you need to replace your oil immediately before further damage to your car engine.

To ensure that your car engine oil is at optimum levels, you should regularly check the car’s oil level and consult an auto repair shop if necessary. If you see any of the warning signs listed, you should change the lubricant immediately.

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