Most vehicles require an oil change every 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the year, make, and model. This is also a necessary service that you should never forego or postpone. Getting your vehicle’s oil changed regularly might have many negative consequences. 

Learn more about oil changes in your car and where to find a mechanic in Hoover, AL. 

Cause of Damage to the Car’s Engine

The most significant consequence of skipping an oil change is serious engine damage. Oil is the lubricant that prevents the engine’s moving parts from grinding against one another, which can cause component wear and excessive heat. Oil deteriorates over time and must be changed to continue to function properly.

If you put off getting your oil changed for too long, your vehicle’s engine may seize up or develop other major problems. You’ll either have to rebuild the engine, replace it, or buy a new car if this happens.

Even if you don’t overlook the oil to this extent, even a brief delay in changing the oil might cause damage. A delayed oil change leads to greater engine wear, leading to further difficulties as the vehicle ages. In other words, putting off an oil change in Hoover, AL, can shorten the life of your vehicle’s engine regardless of the circumstances.

Lower Resale Value In The Future

Whether your vehicle’s engine is entirely wrecked or slightly worn down, both conditions will lower vehicle value when you seek to sell or trade it in. A refurbished or replaced engine will have a significantly lower fair-market value, and a worn engine that sounds harsh will put potential buyers off.

Existing Vehicle Warranty Will Be Nullified

If you drive a new or certified pre-owned car covered by a manufacturer’s or dealer’s warranty, don’t expect it to be valid if you don’t have an oil change. Because oil changes are so important, failing to perform them regularly will violate a vehicle’s warranty.

Multiple Factors Influence Engine Performance

When oil breaks down, it has many detrimental effects on the engine’s performance. Even if you don’t notice these changes right away because they develop gradually, they have real-world consequences for your vehicle and how it drives.

To begin with, if your engine’s oil is too old, it will sound louder and run rougher. The increased noise is caused by the engine’s parts rubbing against each other more, which is neither pleasant to listen to nor beneficial to the engine.

Second, the engine won’t be able to produce as much power. Friction and heat are produced by rubbing the engine’s parts, and this heat represents energy that would otherwise be converted into horsepower and torque. However, the warmth disappears because of the excessive friction and is of no practical value.

Third, your engine will be slower because of the lower horsepower and torque. When fresh oil is in the engine, the vehicle will not accelerate as quickly. If you ever use the vehicle to haul a trailer, the engine will have to work even harder and eventually, you may require an engine repair in Hoover, AL


If you don’t change the oil on your car, it will have many problems. The most common issue is that the components of your engine become excessively hot. This can cause the engine to run inefficiently and deform and wear out the engine components over time. An absence of lubrication between these components will worsen these problems. While the issues can be terrifying, there is some good news! One of the most cost-effective maintenance operations is changing the oil in your car.

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