A vehicle’s anti-lock brake system (ABS) is a safety measure brake services can install to keep the wheels from locking up when you hit the brakes abruptly or when driving on a slippery surface. It’s like when you’re in a hallway and slide around in your socks, trying to change directions. You still keep going the same way due to inertia. ABS helps your tires keep traction when you’re skidding so that you have more control and can stop your car faster.

The ABS is designed to prevent a car from skidding when brakes are applied. The system detects when a wheel is about to begin skidding and then applies the brakes to that wheel until it regains traction. This helps the driver to maintain control of their vehicle and stop safely, rather than sliding or skidding out of control.

The ABS on your car consists of four main components. 

  • Sensors detect the rate of speed of each wheel and transmit this information to the 
  • ABS Module, which analyzes and monitors the data. 
  • If the module senses a wheel locking up, it will inform the actuator, a pump, and a series of valves to 
  • cause the brake calipers to squeeze and release the brake pads for that particular wheel. 

This process happens quickly, up to fifteen times per second, so the wheel does not skid but is slowed down gradually.

ABS has many advantages, including keeping control of your steering while braking. Still, there are some disadvantages, such as taking longer to stop on certain surfaces and an extra cost for both purchase and repair. Despite this, ABS is still a valuable safety feature from a trusted brake service that is worth the cost. Its amazing benefits include the following:

Prompt Braking

ABS allows you to come to a stop more quickly in unpredictable driving scenarios, especially when you need to hit the brakes hard.

Maintained Steering Control

ABS lets you control your car when you need to brake quickly and hard, even when stopping distances are increased. This allows you to keep your vehicle on the intended path.

Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies will offer reduced rates if the cars they cover have ABS installed.

Increased Vehicle Resale Value

ABS is a valuable addition to a car as it can increase its value when it is time to resell it.

One Less Roadside Worry

You can trust that your car is fitted with a superior safety system that will allow you to steer securely, even when you need to brake quickly.

In Closing

Applying a vehicle’s ABS and enjoying its benefits doesn’t take much. The ABS will kick in and take over when you hit the brakes. You will feel a slight vibration in the brake pedal and hear a low rumble or buzz. This is normal, and the ABS is doing its job. Don’t worry about pumping the brake pedal like you used to do in the past; just press the pedal firmly and let the ABS do the rest.

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