Every single component of a car must be maintained appropriately to ensure that it’s in good working condition. Arguably, one of the more essential parts of a vehicle is the fuel injector because it adds fuel to the engine.

However, like many things, there will come a time when the fuel injector will need to be replaced. This can be due to a variety of reasons. It’s essential to know the symptoms of a defective fuel injector so that you can have it replaced before it causes any severe damage.

This article lists down some of the most common signs a car’s fuel injector should be replaced. Read on below to get started.

#1 – Restrictions

If the fuel injector is not functioning correctly, it can restrict the amount of fuel entering your engine. This might not be easy to see at first, but if you check carefully, it can be detected.

Many things can cause restrictions. The most common cause of restrictions is a clogged fuel injector. This happens when debris clogs the fuel injector and prevents the fuel from properly entering the fuel lines. A dirty fuel injector can also cause restrictions.

#2 – Crank Times are Longer

If the fuel injector is not providing the right amount of fuel, the engine might have trouble starting up. This can cause the engine to crank longer than usual before it starts.

A longer crank time can also indicate a defective fuel injector. It’s a good idea to look at the car’s dashboard to see how long the engine is taking to turn on. If the time is much longer than usual, it’s a good indication that the fuel injector needs replacing.

#3 – Heat Soak

A car’s fuel injector is responsible for providing fuel to the engine when it’s running. However, it’s also vital to ensure that the fuel is provided when the engine is turned off.

A defective fuel injector won’t provide fuel to the engine when it isn’t running. The fuel injector will fail to provide fuel when the engine is turned off. This will cause the engine to heat up. In extreme cases, this might even cause the car to overheat.

#4 – Turbo Issues

Whenever a car’s fuel injector is no longer working, it will also affect the performance of the turbo.

The turbo takes in the fuel from the fuel injectors and then injects it into the engine. The turbo won’t perform to its total capacity.

#5 – Misfire Codes

A defective fuel injector can also cause misfire codes. Some OBD2 scanners can detect a misfire code.

The scanner will then let the driver know there’s a problem with the fuel injector, but the fuel injector will have to be replaced for a more accurate diagnosis. However, not all misfire codes are caused by a defective fuel injector. It’s best to let a professional check your car to determine the root cause of the issue.

#6 – Balance Tests are Failing

Balance tests are used to balance the fuel injection system of a car. The components in the fuel injection system must be in proper working condition before the balance test can be done.

If the car is running on one cylinder, it could mean that the fuel injector is not working. The fuel injector must be replaced to ensure that you can safely perform the balance test.

#7 – There’s Not Enough Resistance

The fuel injector is designed to provide a certain amount of resistance to the engine depending on the fuel. With a defective fuel injector, the resistance will be lower than average. This will cause the engine to run rough. If the fuel injector is too damaged, this might not be visible or detectable.

#8 – The Vehicle Doesn’t Start Even with a Full Tank

If the fuel injector is not working correctly, it might not provide the right amount of fuel to the engine. This will cause the engine to run on extremely low fuel. It might not run even if the tank is full in some cases. The fuel injector must be replaced as soon as possible to allow the engine to run on a full tank of fuel.


If you notice that your car has issues like the ones mentioned above, you should have your fuel injector checked immediately. A clogged fuel injector, dirty fuel injector, or defective fuel injector can cause many problems, many of which can be avoided as soon as you get your vehicle checked.

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