An SUV is great for so many reasons. There’s plenty of space in it, you can essentially drive it anywhere, and more. Plus, SUVs look sexy, so you can drive on the road in style! That being said, SUV tires tend to, unfortunately, take the back seat. They barely get any attention until it is time to replace them. However, you should be paying attention to them, as they are a vital part of your SUV. After all, without wheels, your SUV isn’t getting anywhere.

That being said, picking SUV tires isn’t exactly the most straightforward thing in the world. There are a few things to consider to pick the right set of SUV tires, and here they are:

1. The Dimensions

First off, you need to take into consideration the dimensions of your tires. This means the size, width, and height of the tires. This is important because you want to ensure that your new tires will perfectly fit your SUV without any issues. It’s also important because you want your tires to be healthy and happy for as long as you possibly can, saving you money in the long run.

2. The Driving Conditions

The different driving conditions in which you drive also matter. Different tires are made for different conditions, and if you do not figure out what condition you drive in the most often, your new tires might not last as long as they should. 

For example, if you need a set of tires that works all year round, all-season tires are the way to go. They can provide good driving control in both wet and dry conditions. However, keep in mind that they won’t be optimal for harsher conditions. If you are driving in the winter, then opting for winter tires is better, as the wheels are designed to deal with the harsh, cold weather. On the other hand, if you are driving in a place that’s particularly hot, summer tires can do the job for you in the heat.

3. Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle also needs to be taken into consideration. If you are someone who goes on long road trips, or you are in charge of getting your family to and from their activities quickly and safely, you will want to get SUV tires that are made with extra grip. This will allow you to have more control over your vehicle. However, if you are someone who drives on smooth roads, and you drive a lot, but at a slow pace, you will want to opt for more comfortable tires for that.


There are a lot of factors to consider when picking SUV tires. However, as long as you consider these factors, you should have no problem deciding on a set of SUV tires to pick up for your next ride. Of course, feel free to consider other factors as well, such as aesthetics and your budget. This way, you can pick the perfect tires that look great, perform amazingly, and do not break the bank, allowing you to enjoy your drives more!

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