Owning a car and having the ability to drive anywhere you want to is a great convenience. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be faced with any problems with your vehicle in the future. Every car owner has probably had their fair share of auto repairs and issues over the years. No matter how good you are at maintaining or taking care of your vehicle, issues are bound to happen because of the wear and tear your vehicle experiences. If you want to be prepared for any car problems, here are some of the most common auto repairs car owners face.

Oil Filter Change

Changing your oil filter tops the list of common vehicle repairs. While it’s not exactly considered an issue or a problem, it can become one if you don’t change your oil filter and your oil regularly. According to car experts and mechanics in Hoover, AL, you’re supposed to replace your vehicle’s oil and oil filter about every 7,500 miles. Oil tends to solidify over time and becomes a sludge, causing damage to your car’s internals and even your engine. Having an oil and filter change ensures that the mechanisms under the hood of your vehicle continue to function smoothly and properly. 

Wiper Blades Replacement

Wiper blades are perhaps one of the most sensitive parts of your vehicle. In fact, you’re supposed to replace them every six months for safety reasons. The reason is, in a span of one year, all the snow, ice, rain, and the sun will wear out the rubber compound of your wiper blades. This could lead to blade cracks and breaks, causing impaired visibility in the windshield with more and more wiper use. Replacing your blades regularly also prevents your windshield from being scratched by the leftover debris on your wiper blades.

Sputtering Engine

A car’s engine works due to the perfect balance of air and fuel, which causes combustion. This is possible due to the series of fuel and ignition system components working together to produce that mix and burn action. Over time, those components could fail or become less efficient, leading to your engine sputtering or even misfiring. To prevent that from happening, it’s best to replace your fuel and ignition system components as indicated by your manufacturer.

Dead Battery

Car batteries are designed to last a long time, but it’s not impossible to experience having your battery die down while you’re in the middle of driving. There could be a number of reasons why that could happen. Reduced amps or electrical currents, which naturally decrease over time, seem to be the number one reason. It can also be caused by a damaged alternator or your battery temperature sensor. It’s best to replace your battery every 50,000 miles to avoid encountering these issues.


Getting hit with an unexpected car issue can be inconvenient and even costly. That’s why you need to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle to make sure you won’t encounter any problems like the ones on this list.

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