Sometimes, when a car encounters some issues, it’s not just one thing that goes wrong. You could be dealing with several problems simultaneously. And while you may be tempted to fix all these issues all at once, that is simply not advisable. You need to tackle it one problem at a time. But which auto repair should you prioritize?

Immediate Priority: Safety Issues

The first thing that gets top priority is the safety issues in your car. These can be anything from a flat tire to a broken headlight. These are auto repairs that need to be fixed right away. There is even a specific name for it: safety recall. A safety recall is used to fix issues that compromise the safety of your vehicle, with the idea that the issues should be fixed as quickly as possible.

If you have a safety recall in your car, you must get it fixed as quickly as possible. If the issue is a tire that has a nail in it, for example, you should make sure you get it patched as soon as possible. If it breaks down while you’re driving, you’ll be in a very dangerous situation without any protection.

Safety issues should always take priority over other auto repairs. The next time your car doesn’t feel quite right, be sure to check the safety recalls at to see if there are any issues your car needs to be fixed.

Second Priority: Major Repairs

A major repair is a repair that has a pretty big impact on the performance of your car. These include things like an engine replacement or a transmission replacement. These are repairs that could easily set you back tens of thousands of dollars. And because of the huge cost and potential impact of these issues, you need to be very vigilant about maintaining these parts.

These repairs can be a big financial burden. And even when these car repairs are done, you can still have issues with the engine or transmission. These car repairs should therefore be prioritized, especially if you know you can afford the repairs.

Third Priority: Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the kind of auto repair that helps you keep your car in good working order for a long time. These are repairs that don’t cost a lot of money but are more future-oriented. They help you avoid bigger, more expensive issues.

These kinds of repairs are sometimes overlooked. You may be so focused on repairing the car that you can’t consider the need to avoid bigger issues with preventative maintenance. These are car repairs that are often done at a dealership’s lot with the help of expert mechanics.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of things to consider when prioritizing auto repairs. Take, for example, the urgency of the issue, the cost of the repair, and the level of danger. In general, you need to prioritize safety issues first and major repairs second. After that, you can take preventive maintenance on your car. This way, you ensure that your car works perfectly and you don’t find yourself deep in trouble.

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