We often like to take shortcuts, all of which help save us time and money. For the most part, this works out just fine. We do all manual labor, learn from our mistakes, and even manage to skimp out on the bills. Indeed, it is a much better option than relying on someone to do all the heavy lifting for us. However, this principle isn’t always feasible.

Some tasks are meant to be done by professionals, and if we insist on doing them all by ourselves, we may end up causing more damage and even put ourselves at risk. The same situation can be said about our brake pads. While it may seem simple to do them by relying on online tutorials and makeshift tools, the truth is that any mistake done on it can lead to devastating consequences.

If you’re still not convinced about the dangers of changing your brake pads at home, this quick guide is here to help you out. As upfront as it may be about the risks, you may want to focus on the skill level required to do the task properly.

1. The Task Is Very Complicated

There is a reason brake pads must only be handled by experts. It’s easy to be taken over by pride and see it as a learning experience to do it all by yourself, but the truth is that changing your brake pads is no walk in the park.

An experienced mechanic will be able to identify the real problems of the brake pad itself, not counting the possible cause of the damage. These things cannot be determined at first glance; that is why a keen eye and an intuitive hand are needed for the job. 

2. The Task Require All the Right Equipment

Changing your brake pads requires only the most advanced equipment in the market today, and they are all expensive. Even if you had all the skills and experience of doing it yourself, you might not have the right tools for the job.

Remember that changing your brake pads is not time to improvise, especially if you are dealing with or handling something as delicate as that. Let the experts do their job, at the right venue, with all of the right tools.

3. The Task Is Too Time-Consuming

If you are a very busy person, changing a brake pad may not be the right task. Experts take their time ensuring that everything is covered, and the usual time allotted can stretch depending on the current state of your brake system.

The process itself can take half a day for inexperienced people, which isn’t for inexperienced peopleTheviable if you have a job. Even if you were to do it on your days off, you would not be able to since you also need time to sit back, relax, and regain your strength from the previous working days.


Changing your own brake pads may seem like a great way to save time and money. However, it would actually cause you more headaches as the task itself isn’t that easy. Aside from the fact that it is complicated, it also requires expensive equipment, and it eats up a lot of time just to accomplish.

Avoid all the hassles of dealing with your brake pads and let the experts handle it. Find a trusted auto service center and get them replaced in no time.

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