With hundreds of millions of vehicles traversing the United States’ roads every single day, it would be an understatement to say that Americans have mostly grown dependent on the need to get around on four wheels. At this rate, the average US citizen uses their car so much that they spend over 17,600 minutes driving every year.

From summer trips to sunnier states to daily commutes to work, the average four-wheeler is heavily used in various ways, which shows just how vital vehicles are in everyday living. By now, you’ve probably already forged a bond with your vehicle as you continue to depend on it as a means of accessible transportation. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to keep it in tip-top shape at all times.

But what happens when things go wrong with your car’s ignition all of a sudden?

Well, here’s the thing: you won’t have to worry about having your vehicle fail in the middle of the freeway because of an ignition problem. If you spot the right signs, you can get a repair or replacement done before it gives out on you mid-ride. 

Signs You Need to Watch Out For

Spotting whether or not it’s time to get your car’s ignition repaired or replaced can be rather tricky. Fortunately, you can spare yourself from a mid-drive breakdown (and potential accident on the road) if you watch out for these key signs that should have you calling Hoover Automotive ASAP: 

You’re Having a Hard Time Turning Your Key

If there’s any sign that spells “PLEASE REPAIR OR REPLACE ASAP” for your ignition more urgently than anything else, it’s the difficulty of turning your key.

When you can’t turn your car’s key in the ignition, then you will not be able to trigger the necessary jolt of low voltage electricity from your battery into the ignition coil. This means your engine will not start, and you will be stuck where you are. This is a common issue because ignition systems can begin to wear down over time.

In cases like these, the inside of an ignition system may have worn away to the point where the only solution is a complete replacement. You must call in professional services as soon as this problem pops up. Rest assured, things will only go downhill from there if you don’t act fast enough. 

Your Car Is Stalling Relatively Often

Another common sign of a troublesome ignition problem is constant shuddering or stalling from the engine. 

Generally, cars end up stalling because the ignition system itself is linked to the engine. And when something goes wrong with the engine, the vehicle experiences a knock-on effect. This is when a faulty part begins to cut off the energy supply to the engine in unpredictable intervals, causing the shudder or stall effect. 

When it comes to solving this problem, the foremost solution is immediate repair. A minor tweak may solve the shudder problem and bring things back to normal. The only upside of experiencing this particular problem is that you won’t have to stress over shocking replacement fees and part delivery times! 


Among the different problems you can experience with your car, you need to be especially careful with ignition trouble. Fortunately, taking this guide into consideration will ensure that you don’t end up stalling or unexpectedly locked in place! 

We provide top-quality auto repair in Hoover, AL, for cars of all shapes and sizes. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!

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