How Does Proper Wheel Alignment Affect Your Driving?

May 20, 2021By ntm-adminNews No Comments

Most car owners tend to have tunnel vision when it comes to maintaining their car’s components under the hood. After all, the engine powers the entire vehicle. However, it’s also essential to give credit to the impact wheels contribute to your driving. They improve your car’s handling, ride quality, braking capacity, and even fuel usage.  … Read More

5 Telltale Signs of Ignition Switch Problems

April 7, 2021By ntm-adminNews No Comments

First things first, what is an ignition switch? It’s one of the most important electronic components found on many cars and trucks. It’s usually located on the steering column, just behind the ignition lock cylinder, which is where you put your key to crank your vehicle. The two work together to turn on and start … Read More

How to Find and Repair A Leak in Your Tire

February 15, 2021By ntm-adminNews No Comments

  If you’ve ever walked out of work after a long day only to see a flat tire on your vehicle, you’ll know just how frustrating and inconvenient it is. There’s never a good time for a leaky or flat tire. If you don’t have a spare tire, what are you supposed to do in … Read More