Wheel Size 101: How It Can Affect Your Off-Road Performance

December 29, 2022News

Off-road driving is an activity that can be both exhilarating and rewarding. It requires a certain skill and knowledge to safely navigate the terrain and conditions you may encounter. Nonetheless, off-road driving can be an enjoyable way to explore the outdoors and take in stunning views, but it is important to understand the risks and … Read More

What Causes Bad Alignment in Cars and Signs to Look Out For

December 15, 2022News

A car’s alignment is one of the most important aspects of its suspension. It is responsible for ensuring the car’s wheels are pointing in the right direction and perpendicular to the ground. A properly aligned car will handle better, be more fuel efficient, and have longer tire life. If your car’s alignment is off, it … Read More

6 Signs It’s Time to Get New Spark Plugs for Your Car

December 1, 2022News

Many drivers assume that when their car has trouble starting, there’s a problem with the battery. While this certainly could be the case, it’s not the only possibility. Old or faulty spark plugs could be the culprit! After all, these small spark plugs have a big job to do. If your car isn’t running as … Read More

Why Your Brakes Are Making a Squealing Noise

November 24, 2022News

If you hear a squeaking or squealing noise from your brakes, it could signify that your brake pads are worn. However, there are several other potential causes of this noise, including temporary factors like rust on the rotors or new pads that haven’t adjusted to the rotors yet. If the noise goes away after just … Read More