Many car owners may forget the importance of car brakes until they need maintenance or, more importantly, car repair. Car brakes are always at the forefront of car safety. There are certain rules and standards when it comes to their repair and replacement.

When taking care of car breaks during routine auto repairs, make sure to remember the key points in this short guide. You have to prioritize them and be prepared to spend cash—if not for your safety.

What Happens in a Car Brake Mechanism?

A car’s forward motion carries its weight and speed forward. Every time a car brakes, you stop the forward momentum, pulling all weight and forces to the front. The front brakes carry 70 to 75 percent of the stopping force, with the rest taken by the rear brakes.

This ratio is the reason why front brakes and brake pads get worn out first. However, once your front brakes wear out, your front brakes will soon follow.

Car brake technology may have evolved, with features like anti lock braking systems applying additional braking force to rear brakes. Still, on newer cars, most of the braking force goes to the front. There’s the same unequal force distribution that will always cause the front brake pads to wear down first.

Brake Replacement and Repair

With brake repairs, your priority is to check the front brakes. Your mechanic can periodically check both front and back brakes to determine if you are due for a replacement. You can usually preempt this even before it gets worse. Waiting until it’s still bearable will cause issues to other parts of your braking mechanism.

Trying to delay because you want to save will lead to hours and more dollars spent on your next repair. Trying to save cash by replacing one side of your car brakes will result in uneven brake force. It could send the car rolling or skidding out of control.

As mentioned, your front brakes are the main priority, and they should get replaced together as long as the rears are not worn out yet. Fronts will need replacement more often.

Tips on Brake and Car Maintenance

Many car owners recommend a maintenance check every six months to look for any damage or sudden wear. If you have a certain driving style or you abuse your brakes too hard, you will incur more front brake wear too much. Telltale signs include high-pitched sounds or a shaking force when braking. You may find it hard to press on your brakes too.

Brakes are crucial. It’s recommended to be a little more proactive in its maintenance.

In Conclusion

Car brakes are important car controls you need to be aware of. You have to drive properly to avoid abusing them. They do wear out regularly, especially the front brakes. When it comes to repair and replacement, treat them as a priority. They are key controls for your car. Follow the standard replacement steps, and can stay safe.

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