If you have driven your car for years now, you might be used to its in and outs. You’ll know how far you have to press the accelerator to reach a particular speed and how the car reacts to different terrain. This means that if anything feels out of the norm, you will notice right away, especially in the car’s brakes. 

The brakes are one of the essential parts of a vehicle for obvious reasons, but they are also subject to an incredible amount of stress. Over time, they deteriorate, leading to noisy brakes, changes in performance, and various other signs telling you the brakes need to be checked, fixed, or even replaced. 

That being said, here are the signs that your brakes need to be fixed or replaced right away:

You feel a vibration.

When you brake your car, there should be no odd sensations besides slowing down. However, if you do feel wobbling or vibrations when you step on the brakes, there might be an uneven rotor in the mix. These rotors are responsible for slowing down the car by acting as a surface for the brakes to hug. If these rotors are not smooth or even, vibrations ensue. 

Leaks are showing up

Much like how the wiper fluid is contained in a reservoir, the brakes also have one to hold brake fluids. The brake fluids are held in a container used by the master cylinder and work by piping the fluid to create hydraulic pressure. However, if you notice that the brakes feel soft and that fluid deposits are forming beneath the car, there might be a leak in the vehicle’s braking system.

There are loud noises

Much like how your brakes feel when you press on them, sound also plays an essential role. A good brake will make little to no sound at all when you press and will only make some noise if pressed hard enough. If they make any weird sounds, such as high-pitched squeaks, there is an incredibly high chance that the pad has already worn out.

The brakes feel “spongy”

Brakes should almost be instantaneous when you press them. We say almost because it depends on how hard you press on the brakes for them to react. However, if the brakes are soft and spongy when you press on them and you have to step deeper for the car to actually slow down, it is a sign that there is something wrong with your brakes. It could be air in the braking system or an issue with the master cylinder. 


All of the above are warning signs that there is something amiss with your braking system and that you should hire a technician to check the brakes immediately. Remember, a bad braking system is an issue you never want to deal with when driving, especially at high speeds. It can lead to serious accidents that could easily be avoided by repairing the brakes. As such, if you notice any of the signs above, do not hesitate to get the brakes fixed or replaced as soon as possible!

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