3 Signs That Your Car Battery or Alternator Is Failing

October 21, 2021News

Is your car having trouble starting or not starting at all? There are many reasons this is happening. It could be that the connection cables have corroded or that the alternator is failing. However, it can also be because the battery is dead or dying, and in fact, this is one of the more common … Read More

5 Important Brake Maintenance Tips to Keep You Safe

October 14, 2021News

Being on the road feels a lot safer when you have brakes that work. Before the rainy season or winter comes along, make sure to do routine checks on these five areas of your brake system to avoid any accidents. 1. Consistently Check Your Brake Pads It’s important to constantly check on your brake pads … Read More

Changing Your Brake Pads at Home May Be a Bad Idea

October 7, 2021News

We often like to take shortcuts, all of which help save us time and money. For the most part, this works out just fine. We do all manual labor, learn from our mistakes, and even manage to skimp out on the bills. Indeed, it is a much better option than relying on someone to do … Read More

Wheel Misalignment: Symptoms, Solutions, and Home Remedies

September 30, 2021News

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting a vehicle’s suspension or the system that connects the vehicle to its wheels. Contrary to what it’s called, it’s not the adjustment of tires or wheels themselves. The process helps tires perform properly and last longer. It also improves a driver’s handling and keeps the vehicle from pulling … Read More

A Safety Issue: Prioritize Your Brake Maintenance and Repair

September 23, 2021News

Many car owners may forget the importance of car brakes until they need maintenance or, more importantly, car repair. Car brakes are always at the forefront of car safety. There are certain rules and standards when it comes to their repair and replacement. When taking care of car breaks during routine auto repairs, make sure … Read More

Here’s Why You Should Stop Skipping Oil Changes

September 16, 2021News

Skipping: it’s something that we’re guilty of doing almost every day. Whether it’s missing hangouts with friends because you’re too lazy to go out or breakfasts that you look past, there’s a lot in our lives that we skip more than we should. While some things don’t bear terrible consequences, there are others that you … Read More