5 Poor Car Ownership Habits That Can Lead to Engine Damage

January 6, 2022News

Engine repairs are some of the most expensive repairs your car can need. You don’t have to worry about this insanely costly expense if your car undergoes regular maintenance and oil changes. To better equip you with preventive engine failure knowledge, here are some ways your engine can sustain major damage. 1. Incorrect Oil Changes … Read More

7 Noises a Car Might Make and What They Could Mean

December 31, 2021News

The primary benefit of owning a car is that you can go anywhere without having to endure a grueling commute. However, owning a car also requires you to keep it in top condition to ensure that it’s in working order. If not, it will have problems. The easiest way to find out if a car … Read More

Car Maintenance 101: How Often Should You Change Engine Oil?

December 16, 2021News

Being the driver behind the wheel involves carrying a lot of responsibility, but it’s not limited to the rules you need to follow in the street. A car is one of the most important investments, and just like many other highly-valued possessions, it needs to receive regular TLC to ensure it can continue to ride … Read More

Power Steering: Common Reasons for System Damage

December 9, 2021News

Power steering is a great advancement of technology that so many drivers are thankful for. It makes maneuvering safer, more comfortable, and far more convenient. In fact, many people prefer cars with power steering instead of the traditional, manual means. The Power of the Power Steering Avoiding unexpected road obstacles and even other vehicles, animals, … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Tire Replacement

December 2, 2021News

Many vehicle owners take their tires for granted, and they seldom think about these crucial parts unless there’s a major problem. The truth is, even if the tires seem to be in good condition, there may still be some risks and issues that you may not see right away.  Tire replacement can help you save … Read More

Why Is My Car Acting Weird: Signs of a Broken Exhaust System

November 25, 2021News

The exhaust system of a vehicle is very important. It manages the emissions of the car, regulates its engine from overheating, and ensures the safety of the passengers. Additionally, without the exhaust system, a car would emit more pollutants into the atmosphere. It is crucial that the exhaust system of a car must remain functional … Read More